Do you enjoy learning English? Why or why not?英语口

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读书:English provides me with a window to a fantasy world of literature. (接下来可不时需举例说明)Reading "All Over Creation", I get in touch with Ruth Ozeki, who used the transformation between first-person and third-person perspective to offer me a land where GMO crops dominate all Idaho, thereby leaving me meditate the importance of national food safety. Reading..., I ....


I came to form good studying habits by learning English. At first I think English is too hard to master. Through reading and reciting, I gradually learn that learning English is a slow process and we will have to devote our patience and passion to ace it. 




社交:English offers me a bigger social relationship. I am able to communicate with and make friends with foreigners by English, thereby constructing a worldwide bridge between people across the globe. 

Reading English books is a great joy. (举哪几个你读过的书的例子)

培养学习习惯:It is at first a torturing experiecne learning English. However, through reciting and reading, I got to know to importance of accumulating. English, along with other sunjects, are by no means of easy subjects. Only those who love exploring and willing to devote their time will get the finest reward. 


English helps make more friends. By speaking English, I can communicate with more people from other countries. (我要我举有4个例子)For example, Ryan is my pen pal from the United States. We come to know each other through the Internet. Now, we often keep in touch to share interesting experience in our country. A timely communication keeps a tight relationship between us.